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TRAQ Tips: Random Testing

Tracking random testing progress is easy in TRAQ. Quickly view random selections, completed tests, and yearly numbers by accessing the Randoms section.   After logging in, on the main menu click the Randoms button to view info about your random testing program.     To view random selections, scroll down to […]

view results traq tips

TRAQ Tips: View Results

Finding drug and alcohol test results in TRAQ is super easy, trust us! Just follow the steps below:   After logging in, on the main menu click the Results button to access test results     Click the Search button to display all recent results. Results can also be filtered […]

export result traq tips

TRAQ Tips: Export Results

Our platform TRAQ is user-friendly and easy to use. We still want to detail a few features, so you can use our online system to its full potential. If you need to export result data from TRAQ, this can easily be done by heading into the Archive. Follow the instructions below […]

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