REMINDER: 2017 Version of the Federal Drug Testing Chain of Custody Form Expired on August 31st, 2023

As of August 31, 2023, the 2020/2023 Federal CCF must be used for DOT-regulated specimens.


Grady Phillips

Grady Phillips

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts

Grady Phillips joins WFQA as the Senior Director of Strategic Accounts.

Grady served as President of Corporate Medical Services (CMS) from 2012 until 2023, when he joined the WFQA team. With over 20 years in the drug and alcohol industry, Grady has become an industry leader and speaker on drug testing, DOT Physicals, and sleep apnea.

Grady brings a passion for client partnership and expertise in providing strategic guidance and industry best practices. In addition, he brings a high degree of planning, organizing, and coordinating skills to drive client success across multi-internal and external stakeholders. He will advocate for WFQA/CMS customers, guiding them to success and engaging resources to drive retention and growth. This experience will help him develop a comprehensive understanding of unique business challenges and pain points customers face to appropriately map WFQA’s offerings and associated business benefits to address their individual needs.

Grady graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is a Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor in the State of Tennessee and worked as a bridge design and construction engineer for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. His engineering background allows him to quickly identify the root cause of a complex problem and then develop and communicate a simple strategy for his clients.

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