Create a Drug Free Workplace

Multiple states across the country have drug-free workplace programs that allow employers to earn a discount on their workers’ compensation premium by taking several steps. The discount percentage ranges from 5 percent to 20 percent based upon the respective state’s drug-free workplace regulations and requirements to earn the discount vary by state.

Let WorkforceQA help you navigate the process to becoming certified as a drug-free workplace provider in the state(s) where you have operations. Together and hand-in-hand WorkforceQA can assist your Human Resources Department complete any of the following required state drug-free workplace requirements.
• Create drug and alcohol testing policy
• Manage on-going drug and alcohol testing program
• Conduct random selections for drug and alcohol testing
• Complete supervisory and/or employee training courses
• Submit appropriate application to state agency or insurance provider
• Provide national network of Substance Abuse Providers

How We Can Help

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