Helping Deter  Substance Abuse In Our Youth

Recent studies show that 8,000 Americans try drugs for the first time each day. The vast majority of new drug users are younger than 18. Drug use among American students continues to pose dangerous health risks as well as devastating social and educational consequences to young people today.

WorkforceQA has long been an industry leader in helping school systems create, develop, and implement effective high school drug testing programs to serve as a strong deterrent to drug use. For over a decade, WorkforceQA has managed student drug testing programs for dozens of schools systems.

Through partnerships with the multiple school systems throughout the country, WorkforceQA has shown a distinct commitment to attacking the problem of substance abuse among American students.

Education Solutions

WorkforceQA can offer many value-added services for our student drug testing clients, including:

  • Cost-effective student drug testing solutions with on-site collection services
  • Customized student drug testing panels (steroids, nicotine, oxycontin, ecstasy, synthetic marijuana)
  • Faculty, administration, and student-oriented training and education programs on substance abuse
  • Customized random drug selection and testing management
  • Assistance with implementation of student drug and alcohol policy and procedures
  • Occupational health screening such as TB tests and physicals
  • Background screening services for students, volunteers and coaches

How We Can Help

Learn how we can help your school system implement an effective
high school drug testing program.