Healthcare organizations face a difficult challenge to hire qualified and low-risk candidates efficiently within a limited job pool. WorkforceQA partners with a wide array of clients, ranging from private medical practices and hospitals to nursing homes and home care agencies to provide effective and meaningful employer drug testing and background checks screening solutions. We realize that healthcare-related service companies and their employees have unique needs, such as greater access to a wider variety of medications. We also know that healthcare has one of the highest rates of substance abuse across all industries.

WorkforceQA’s systematic approach to managing our client’s screening programs enables us to customize testing panels to best suit your needs and streamline your hiring process to allowing you the ability to quickly hire and maintain your qualified workforce.

Healthcare Solutions

Other value added services extended to our healthcare clients include:

  • Pre-Hire background checks including OIG (HHS) Sanctions background check
  • Professional license verification
  • Sophisticated “medical professional” panels for drug testing (i.e. 10-panel drug test and expanded opiate drug testing)
  • Random drug test and background check selection services
  • Breath alcohol and drug collection training
  • Occupational health screens

How We Can Help

Learn how we build a employment screening program that fits your healthcare organization.