Annual MVRs

If your business employs drivers who drive commercial vehicles, company vehicles or personal vehicles on company time, then conducting an annual Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) search is an important step in maintaining a safe fleet of drivers.  An MVR enables employers to review a driver’s accident history, record of recent violations, and license status.

With WorkforceQA, you receive:

  • Expedited turnaround times
  • A scalable solution to run dozens, hundreds, or thousands of MVRs simultaneously
  • A user-friendly method to place individual orders, track, and view results
  • Compliance with Federal (e.g., DOT, FCRA), state, and local regulations
  • Bulk upload capabilities for annual MVRs

Current DOT FMCSA regulations require motor carriers to complete a MVR:

  • Upon hire of a new, regulated driver
  • Within 15 days of a driver renewing their medical card
  • After a violation or accident occurs
  • Annually for all regulated drivers in the fleet

How We Can Help

Learn how we can simply your MVR program to comply with Federal, insurance and company requirements.