Employment and Education Verifications

Employment verifications validate dates of employment, performance records, reason for termination, and employee compensation.  Education verifications confirm a candidate’s date of enrollment at an institution of higher learning and the degree or certification earned.

With our verification system, you as an employer can also customize the process by additional tailored questions or data points to meet your business needs.

In addition to providing verifications across industries and occupations, WorkforceQA provides verification services to meet regulatory requirements, including FMCSA and FAA Previous Employer Drug & Alcohol verifications.

With WorkforceQA verifications, you receive:

  • Access to accurate and complete data for informed hiring decision
  • Flexible and customizable processes to your specifications
  • Expertise in federally mandated verifications and program compliance

How We Can Help

Learn how we can manage your verification program to ensure compliance with Federal and company requirements.