Point of Collection (Instant) Drug Test

instant testPoint of Collection Testing (POCT) devices, or “instant drug tests” present a simple, easy-to-use option that allows you to obtain an immediate drug test result.

We can work with you to minimize risks – by ensuring all products are FDA-approved, developing confirmation lab-based drug testing procedures, and maintaining custody-and-control forms for all drug testing. We can offer your organization a viable and effective POCT Solution and assist by:

  • Providing POCT products for purchase
  • Setting up lab-based confirmation drug testing protocols for non-negative test results
  • Coordinating on-site collections
  • Training your personnel to perform collections
  • Setting up POCT drug testing at 3rd party sites

Instant alcohol testing devices, which are DOT approved, may also be provided.

How We Can Help

Contact us to implement POCT testing in your workplace.