Mobile Collections

A drug test where a donor goes to the local collection facility is the most common method of collection. However, employers find that there is often much value in bringing the collector to the donor. Mobile collections (or “onsite” collections) typically are most cost-effective when:

  • Multiple donors needs to be tested at the same time (e.g., new hire orientation, random testing)
  • The testing facility is far from workplace
  • Sensitive tests (e.g., reasonable suspicion) require a supervisor to be present but limited personnel are available

In these situations, mobile collections increase the cost effectiveness of their testing program by:

  • Reducing the travel time (and cost) for donors to go to clinics
  • Reducing wait time between collections for larger testing events (e.g., multiple random drug/alcohol tests)
  • Increasing control of testing environment and accuracy in testing

WorkforceQA provides mobile collection services for all testing needs, whether pre-employment, random, or post-accident. Our diverse nationwide network of in-house onsite collectors, 13,000+ 3rd party collectors, and strong partnerships with national mobile collection providers like EMSI and US Onsite Services will enable you to set up a same-day collection for a reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol test or a 500+ test onsite random for next week.

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