Medications and Workplace Safety

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Employers across the U.S. are often challenged with how to address over-the-counter and prescription medication use by employees while ensuring a safe working environment. This concern has been evidenced by the dramatic increase in the number of prescriptions written in recent years. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a report which stated that more than 259 million opioid prescriptions were written in 2012.


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Dr. Jim Vanderploeg

Dr. Jim Vanderploeg, one of WorkforceQA’s Medical Review Officers, recently wrote an article to outline common questions employers ask about medication use in the workplace. Dr. Vanderploeg reviews several over-the counter and prescription medications, how they impact some drug testing panels, MRO review process and ultimately workplace safety. The full Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry (DATIA) Focus article may be viewed by clicking the below link.


MRO Considerations for OTC and Prescription Medications



Online Substance Abuse & Workplace Safety Training Solutions

Visify, a wholly owned subsidiary of WorkforceQA, has created two online courses on medications and safety in the workplace – one to assist employers in developing an effective policy on medications and safety and the other to educate employees on safe and responsible medication use. To learn more about either or both of these courses click the appropriate course title below:

Medications & Safety Training for Managers
Medications & Safety Training for Employees