REMINDER: 2017 Version of the Federal Drug Testing Chain of Custody Form Expired on August 31st, 2023

As of August 31, 2023, the 2020/2023 Federal CCF must be used for DOT-regulated specimens.



Recruiting Manager – Prime Inc.

“Having WorkforceQA integrated with Tenstreet allows our recruiters to easily order drug screens and DOT physicals with the click of a button. “

I am writing to fully endorse the services of WorkforceQA, Asurint, and Tenstreet. Each of these 3 companies have shown exemplary levels of service, support, and creativity. The system we have in place on Tenstreet is very efficient and extremely easy to navigate.  WFQA and Tenstreet team up to immediately address any technical issue or problem with clinics within the network. The Asurint background reports are returned to us quickly. They are very accurate and very easy to read. We, at Prime Inc., are absolutely satisfied with our working relationship with all 3 of these companies.


Safety DER – CFI

“I have worked with other similar products and WorkforceQA is the best one.”

CFI has been working with WorkforceQA for a couple of years and we really have enjoyed their services. The website is easy to navigate and I have had no issues. The support team is also very knowledgeable and very helpful. Anytime I have questions or issues, they get back to me right away. I highly recommend WorkforceQA.


DER – Central Transport

“I have never been told that what I ask for cannot be done.”

For the last 10 years, Central Transport has relied on your team’s knowledge, expedience, and professionalism. Whether it’s routine drug collection activities or tracking down wayward paperwork from clinics, or finding new collection sites across the country, I have never been told that what I ask for cannot be done. I rely on that superior service, and am thankful that time and again, WorkforceQA comes through! I will continue, without hesitation, to recommend your services in the future.


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